Email Report

Email Report

The Mystic Eye

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An email report is the best way to gain a more comprehensive view of the information coming through the Tarot from your Higher Self and Guide(s). 

Wayne specializes in connecting clients with their Spiritual support network and awakening you to your Spiritual Gifts and reasons for incarnating in this life. Tarot is a great way to receive messages from higher beings including your Higher Self, angels, animal helpers, your ancestors, and other ascended beings. The In-depth Email Report is also great to gain insight to relationships, your career, finances and other more worldly matters.

This will be a three or ten card reading depending on your selection. Both reading options will include an image of the spread, as well as a full written analysis of each card. Your total analysis will be approximately 1-4 full pages and provide you insight into whatever question you'd like to ask. Wayne will contact you after booking to gather context into your reading.

Readings are 100% confidential and all sales are final.